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Taurus the Sign Of Money
Taurus the money sign is the ruler of the second house which is the money house

Taurus is the sign of money and Taurus rules the second house of fiance and security. You can tell a lot about how money affects your life from just looking at your sun signs alone. It will reveal your attitude towards money and give you an idea of how you will feel about it.

However you need to look a little deeper into your birth chart to assess where Taurus the sign of money is placed in your chart and which sign is on the cusp of your second house to really determine your money situation.

We all have the 12 signs in our horoscope and at the time of our birth they were all placed in a unique position which made up your natal birth chart. By examen your birth chart an astrologer will be able to sort out details of your horoscope that relates to your finances and explain how Taurus the sign of money operates in your life and how you can best work with it so you can achieve more prosperity in your life.

Taurus the money sign is the ruler of the second house which is the money house. This house relates to how we feel about security and your ability to attract money and keep it. Venus rules Taurus so if Venus is in favorable aspect to the ruler of the "money house" it is an excellent sign that your ability to attract money is very good.

Many astrologers look to Taurus the money sign and second house ruler in order to get a good feel for the native's wealth potential. In addition to explaining your ability to attract money the astrologer will also be able to point out to you when it is a good time to invest in shares, stock trading and crediting loan.

When it comes to managing money a simple rule to follow is to pay yourself first. That is if you want to build wealth and prosperity for yourself. If you enjoy living in style and have the things money can buy you need to learn to manage money carefully. It is not hard all you need is common sense

In addition to Taurus being the money sign then the eight house is also a money house in the horoscope it is ruled by Scorpio and the planet Pluto. But here we receive the money through other people like partnership, marriage or inheritance. The sign on the cusp of this house and the ruling planet of the sign can also tell us a lot about how you will gain money and wealth in your life.



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